Justin Arocho, Ph.D.

Dr. Arocho specializes in cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders, OCD, depression, insomnia, and body-focused repetitive behaviors. He uses evidence-based treatments like ERP and CBT-I, and is fluent in Spanish. With a background in Psychology and Anthropology, he holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has diverse experience across various mental health settings, including academia. Currently, he contributes as adjunct faculty at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care, focusing on internship training and diversity issues.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy

CBT for Anger Management Problems

Few emotional problems are as destructive as unhealthy anger. Fortunately, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, can be very helpful if your anger is hard to control….

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vasovagal syncope illustration

What Is Vasovagal Syncope?

Fainting is always concerning and can happen for many reasons. Learn about the most common type of fainting, vasovagal syncope, and what causes it. Vasovagal…

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